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My Winter Wardrobe: What Your Closet Really Needs

If picking out what you are going to wear is the longest process of your morning, you should look into making a capsule wardrobe. I decided to create my first capsule wardrobe this winter. Started a new year, in a new state, with a new wardrobe. I can be running late to work and know that almost every piece in my closet could be paired with another without me looking like a clown. This type of wardrobe definitely comes in handy when living in New York, because I’m always on the go and commuting is apart of my schedule.
No matter your closet size, one thing that seriously makes life simpler is having a solid foundation for your wardrobe. Building your closet around a few basic items that can be worn year-round will guarantee that you always have something to wear. I know they may not be the most exciting of clothes, but basic pieces can end up being the clothes you hold on to for the longest. Once you find the perfect white tee, it may easily become your favorite item in your closet.
When making your capsule wardrobe keep your work, hobbies, and vacations in mind. I don’t work in a corporate setting so I don’t need a suit, but I would image a suit being an essential piece for the corporate woman.
Capsule Wardrobe


Capsule Wardrobe3


Capsule Wardrobe2


  1. Short- Sleeve Tee Shirt
  2. Long- Sleeve Tee
  3. Turtleneck Shirt
  4. Puffer Coat
  5. Wool Coat
  6. LBD
  7. Stripped Shirt
  8. White Button-Up
  9. Denim Shirt
  10. Boyfriend Blazer
  11. Sweater Pullover
  12. Stud Earrings
  13. Scarf
  14. Rain Boots
  15. Clutch
  16. Dark Denim
  17. Black Denim
  18. Thick Black Leggings
  19. Black Ankle Trousers
  20. Black Shirt
  21. All Purpose Bag
  22. Sleek Pumps
  23. Sneakers
  24. Ankle Bootie
  25. Black Tights (not pictured)
  26. Beanie or Wool Hat (not pictured)

Kiara Brown

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