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What is Your Why?

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.” – Unknown

What is your why? What keeps you going against all odds? What makes you jump out of bed each morning? What propels you to keep pushing forward? This is called you ‘why.’ We all have a ‘why’. Your why is the reason why you want to be successful. There has to be something that keeps you going, most times we think we don’t have one, but we do. Your scars, your trials, are your why. They are why you push harder, they are the reason you do not give up. It might be the loss of a loved one, or the situation you face at home, or a sick grandparent or family back home- you work harder because of them. You do not want to disappoint them.

It is important that we as young people find out our why because there will be hard times, life will throw lemons and if there isn’t an anchor deep inside, you’re more likely to give in. Personally, I can testify to this especially being a blogger. We face lots of challenges, times where we feel discouraged, when we  look down on ourselves and our abilities or play the comparison game, times when we feel like giving up…but when I think about why I started, when I think about my passion to help, it keeps me going.

I’ve recently finished reading “The ABC’s to Student Success” by Hayley Mulenda. It is a must-read for young people written by a 19yr old motivational speaker and entrepreneur. In the coming weeks, I will do a proper review of the book; it provides all the tools for young folks to be successful, to believe in themselves and live life with purpose. You can purchase the book here. Reading this book is what inspired this post, specifically the chapter “WHY.” It is a question we all must ask ourselves. She highlighted the fact that “everything you have overcome in your life is a reason as to why you should be successful; you will be successful because what’s inside of you is far more powerful than any obstacle that could ever be thrown at you.”

This is so true, you are greater than every challenge that you will ever face. You are more powerful than your mistakes, than your past. Your scars are to serve as a reminder of all you’ve overcome. There is so much to be discouraged about today, you have a choice to either be grateful or complain. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you have to believe that. Things will get better. Young people, we have the world at our finger tips, the world is our oyster, we can do great things, we have the opportunity to dream big and achieve anything we set our mind on. Are you going to let fear hold you back or a mistake you made? Are you going to look for solutions or focus on your problems? You can choose to radiate positivity or negativity and the choice you make will determine the outcome of your life.

There is so much potential that lies in you. Never think you are ordinary. We are unique, we are different. God is a God of variety, different colors, ethnicities, finger-prints, interests etc. Embrace your uniqueness! Hayley says in the book “we are all minorities; we all have a barrier that limits our options.” You can either let your ‘minority’ work to your advantage or your disadvantage. Your minority should be your WHY. We can see examples of inspiration icons today; Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, all of whom let their setbacks be a setup for their comeback.

Trust your struggles. Trust the process. Let what may seem like an obstacle in your life be your stepping stone to greatness. Your challenges are a part of your story, embrace them. Learn to see the good in every bad circumstance. Everything you’re going through is all for the greater good.

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