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The Right Way to Order from the Fall Starbucks Menu


Most successful people have one thing they count on to get them going, coffee just happens to be mine. Wake up, coffee, then everything else can follow. Luckily, everyday is an official coffee day at Starbucks. A cozy oversized sweater, a view of colorful leaves falling from the trees, and my pumpkin latte in hand. It’s the best feeling (second or third to a few others). Kick that boring iced coffee order to the side and get a toasty, carmel, pumpkin, cinnamon, salted something.

Starbucks has many secrets behind there counters and the barista’s have many tricks up there sleeves. Let me help you out so you’re no longer cheated out of your fall coffee experience.

  1. First New Fall Latte in 4 Years The Pumpkin Spice Latte has been Starbucks’ fall go-to for the past 10 years, but this year, the coffee chain is switching things up. For the first time in four years, Starbucks is releasing a new fall latte flavor. It’s called the Toasted Graham Latte. It’s only here for a few months, don’t be out of the loop. Your taste buds needs this.
  2. New Latte Means New Syrup I put that shit on everything! Toasted Graham Latte topping is only here for a short time and it truly works on everything! Starbucks barista suggested.
  3. Old School Meets New School Age ain’t nothing but a number, PSL and TGL should be together. Add two pumps of each syrup creating Pumpkin PIE latte, Love Wins!
  4. Ice Ice Baby Sure, you can ask for an iced version of a PSL, or even a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. But to make things even crazier, ask for an Iced Caramel Macchiato (my usual) with PSL sauce instead of vanilla syrup. Trust us, you’ll have a new go-to, at least while it’s still warm out.

Now, ordering those fancy lattes can take a few coins out of your pocket. We know the holidays are around the corner and you have to “save that money.” I have 2 cool coffee tips for ya.

  • B.Y.O.C. B.Y.O.B isn’t half as fun, obviously, and some Starbucks serve alcohol so I’m not too far off with the acronym. Bring your own cup and you’re 10 cent richer. Sounds crazy and super cheap I know, but that’s $26 a year. That’s my Hot Yoga class!
  • DIY Iced Latte You can get a venti iced latte for $4.45 or you can Do It Yourself and save some mula. Just order two to three espresso shots over ice (that’s about $2.45 for two shots, $3.05 for three) in a venti cup, then head on over to the condiment counter and pour in some milk. You just saved two bucks like a BOSS.

Kiara Brown

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