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The Real Reason Guys Are Hotter in the Fall

Sweater Weather. A guy that looks great without a shirt always wins, but a guy that looks good in a sweater comes in cool second. Put your man in a sweater and you can live out your professor-student fantasy

Flannel Fetish. Have we been fantasizing about the Brawny Paper Man this whole time? It is such a good luck on every man. The southern guys do it the best.

Peacoat, Burberry, Fendi, aw, man. They just instantly look chic AF! It’s crazy how one nice coat can completely change your outfit from a 7 to a 10.

de68b36bdedb7bd0f9ac420c495dea56Beanie Baby. Who doesn’t find a guy wearing a beanie attractive? Yes, I’ll take the singer-songwriter that plays guitar.

No Shave November. The time of year where the guys turn from Justin Bieber to David Beckham.

Cuddle-able. Body heat is the best heat. Cuddle, Netflix, and then “CHILL.”119d5372703bb1792ba76a53120cb072

Hello Danny Zuko! Guys in leather jackets take bad boy to the next level! Call me Sandy and let’s dance!

No Gross Sandals. They’ve stopped wearing their disgusting sandals that do not look good because their feet look like monsters. And honestly, even when their feet looked OK, they still look better in Timbs, and this is just common knowledge.

The Traditional “Want my jacket”. When you shiver and they pull you close to them and say, “Want my jacket?” Enough said. 


Kiara Brown

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