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The Morning Routine of a Girl Boss

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button begging for 5 more minutes, or needing coffee before you put a smile on your face, it’s time to make your morning one to look forward to. I love to sleep, but I found the more I sleep the more I’m tired threw out the day. After implementing a morning routine my days are smoother and I have more energy to complete daily task.

Start the night before. Spending a few minutes the night before to get prepared for the next day can save you a significant amount of time in the morning. Before going to bed, pick out what you’re wearing to work and make a quick to-do list with the essential things to get done the next day. This way your mind isn’t wondering when it’s time to turn off the lights. Not only will these actions save you time, but it can make the morning less stressful.

TIP: I personally shower and do my hair at night. This works for girls who have dry skin and hair. Showering before stepping out into the weather can be harmful to your skin and freshly washed hair.

6:00 Wake Up. The time you decide wake up depends on your schedule. Just be sure to not extend 8 hours of sleep. Sleeping to long will make you sleep dependent and tired throughout the day.

6:05 Wash Face and Brush Teeth. Get rid of the oil build up from your pillow, and make those pearly white, whiter. 

6:20 Yoga and Meditate. After sleep during which you stay mainly sedentary for hours, taking the time to slowly move your muscles will be a satisfying start to the day. Mindfulness seems to improve nearly every aspect of health which makes meditating for 10 mins a day very important. Use the app ‘Headspace’.

7:20 Breakfast and Motivational Message. Cereal may be a common breakfast, but it’s not the best choice for the early hours. Food is your body’s fuel, and protein might be a better choice. Try having a protein-rich meal like eggs. It will provide you with the energy you need. Need an extra boost? Pick your poison; I prefer caffeinated tea over coffee. Coffee will most times create a crash. As I’m eating breakfast I read a motivational message from my devotional book. This helps me start my day with a positive mindset.

7:45 Dress. You should already know what you are wearing because you picked it out the night before. Having a minimalist wardrobe makes getting dressed seamless and stress-free. Check out ” ” to see how you can cut down on the cutter.

7:55 Hair. Quick style and fluff! I do my hair the night before so at this time I’m tying my head wrap or taking down my pineapple high bun.

8:10 MakeUp. Find your best daily makeup routine and stick with it. I keep it simple with foundation, concealer, mascara, and neutral eyeshadow.

8:25 Start Day. During your commute read a book on the train or listen to motivating music.

Have A Great Day!

Kiara Brown

The Creative Director of The G Spot Blog. I am first a blogger, second a stylist, and an equally an artist. Style On, Ki Brown @KiStyleMe

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