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Thanksgiving Outfits You Can Get Stuffed In

Thanksgiving. The time of year that we are most thankful for the turkey and the pecan pie. But, how embarrassing is it when you have to unbutton your denim jeans because your food baby is continuing to grow?! The dressing and cranberry sauce isn’t going to be as good tomorrow, so there’s no question that you’re going back for seconds. Knowing this, I figured I’d give you guys a few tips on how to stay chic, look slim, but still comfy enough to consume the carmel cake your grandmother baked. Thanksgiving outfit1
My thanks this year goes to whoever invented leggings. The ingenious elastic waist band allows your tummy to keep growing and growing, all while feeling like you never took off your PJs. Throw on an oversized sweater that’s long enough to cover your butt, (because it’s just fashion etiquette). Also, no one will be able to tell you just gained 10 pounds in one night with an oversized sweater.
Thanksgiving Outfit 2Kind of a similar idea as outfit number one, but oversized dress instead. These dresses are the cutest with over the knee boots. Show off some thigh cleavage or layer with some tights.
Thanksgiving Outfit 3
“Black is sliming”, a true statement! Pick stretchy high-waisted black skinnies. High waisted mom jeans are perfect for a mild tummy.

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