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Here’s My Take On Side Chicks. . .


Okay ladies, I stumbled across this quote on Instagram and I just HAVE to share.

“If you’re a side chick and you marry that man, remember that side chick position is now open again.”

First off, why would you ever want to be a mans side chick? If you choose to fill that position you have zero respect for yourself and obviously the man doesn’t respect women, period.

Now, if you find yourself in that position, I would advise you to let that “relationship” ride. But if for some obscene reason you choose to be that placeholder, then you should NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER enter into a committed relationship with that man.

If he wasn’t committed to his main chick, what makes you think he’s going to truly be committed to you, after she discovers the scum that he really is?! Notice that said AFTER she figures out what type of man he is, because he will NOT leave her for you.

Come on now ladies, we have to do better! Men won’t truly be men when it comes to relationships if we continue to partake in their foolish schemes.

You have to love yourself, know your worth, and don’t settle to be someone’s side chick, getting part-time hours. Wait for that special person who puts you on full-time and is willing to be 100% committed to you and only you. You’ll know you’ve found that person when you can let your guard down, and trust comes easy, because they’ve earned it.


Jade <3


Jade Okafor

My name is Jade. I absolutely LOVE my name! I think my name is unique, and fits me to a tee. I generally just love words, I love writing, reading, and saying them (AKA- I talk A LOT). I am a true optimist. And the values I have acquired over the last twenty-four years of my life I want to instill in the people around me and the children I teach (I'm an educator). I am passionate about teaching and learning. I know I am not done learning, I will never be done, and I want every person and child I come in contact with to know that learning does not have an end point. I want people, and especially children, to see learning as a lifelong adventure, because learning should be something everyone enjoys whether it is in a classroom, church, or through completely unexpected situations. I feel that our minds only get old when we stop using them, and my mind is something I never want to lose; so I will continue to learn and be open to new heights for the rest of my life. As of now, I am thoroughly enjoying this thing called life, and trying my best to walk the road that The Lord has paved for me! I hope you will enjoy my posts, and that they will inspire you to be the best YOU, you can be! *kisses*

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