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Our Who Runs The World: GIRLS! Playlist

Today is a special day we celebrate the queens around the world. Putting race, religion, sexual orientation, language, all aside and understand we are all women. Women that must respect and support each other, with hopes that men jump on the bandwagon. We are all powerful and yes, fight like girls. We are all beautiful, without Sephora. So I put this playlist together so you can remember you are MAGICAL! So grab your pussy, and give a big ‘middle finger’ to those that think you’re less smart, should be paid less, and want a say about your body parts! Turn your speaker up and dance in the mirror celebrating YOU!

  1. Scars To Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
  2. Respect- Aretha Franklin
  3. Blow- Beyonce
  4. Water Under the Bridge – Adele
  5. Didn’t Cha Know- Erykah Badu
  6. He Wasn’t Man Enough- Toni Braxton
  7. I’m Coming Out- Diana Ross
  8. Domobolo- Les Amazones d’Afrique
  9. 7/11- Beyonce
  10. Call On Me- Starley
  11. Pity Party- Melanie Martinez
  12. That’s My Girl- Fifth Harmony
  13. Ain’t Your Momma- Jennifer Lopez
  14. Side to Side- Ariana Grande
  15. Valerie- Amy Winehouse



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