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Put Pride Aside!

Whew! Pride. It can often be so detrimental to our spiritual connection with God simply because we don’t know how to put it aside! Girlfriends, it is so important to learn to let your pride go when you’re striving to live more Christ-like, because not doing it can ruin so many relationships! Eek!!!
I would love to share all my stories of how I had to put my pride aside, but rather than going down that list here’s the gist. So… have you ever had to apologize to someone for having a bad attitude, girlfriends? I know we all have bad days, but this particular issue seems to happen to me every single month around that good ole particular time. Ugh!!!! I hate it when my emotions get the best of me around that time of the month, because you feel all extra vulnerable to your emotions so much that you almost feel like you can’t help it, ya know?
I always have to remind myself during those moments to not allow pride to get the best of me. I understand that if I don’t come back around & apologize people might actually begin to think that I am that way all the time. I also understand that I would be displeasing God by not admitting my wrong! The reason why it’s so important for us to put our pride aside is so that we can allow God to receive His Glory in those moments where we listen to Him & not ourselves. He is fully able to work through us when we just come to Him humbly & actually ask Him for His will to be done in our lives.
Miracles can manifest when we put our pride aside & focus on Jesus! Yokes will be destroyed if we put our pride aside & apologize to God’s people! Peace, comfort, & inner happiness can easily be found if we put our pride aside more in situations & most importantly…the angels will be smiling as God will be rejoicing! So, through this post I encourage us all (me included) to practice putting our pride aside more than we already do! I pray that we can work on mending those relationships that once were broken due to pride & I encourage us to walk more in love with one another! Please girlfriends… whatever you do… Put your pride aside as you stay blessed & beautiful! Love you more than you know!
-Kye Hilson

Kye Hilson


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