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Planning an Outdoor Party? Here’s How…

Jayne’s Outdoor Birthday Dinner Party

“I promise to celebrate your 29th birthday for as many years as you think you can still get away with it.” – Jayne’s Mum

On the 10th of June, I celebrated my birthday. One more year to the big three-O, and I was determined to have the best time. However, I also wanted it to be meaningful. So my business partner Ngosa and I decided to combine a few things that we are both passionate about: food, wine, women, decor, excellence and a bit of fashion to create an intimate, late-night outdoor party for twenty ladies (on a super tight budget!).

The Setting

We set up the wooden pallets in the front yard and added African elements mainly Chitenge and dry plants to decorate. Pillows were set up as sitting places. We also used DIY gold bottles and glass holders to bring the whole place to life, because the details are what really matter. So there were elements of the Chitenge, Dry plants and Gold bottles also around the whole yard.

The setting was family style. With all the ladies around the table, and mbaulas (blazers) set up strategically for warmth. In June our nights do get super chilly. The dress code had been communicated as warm and comfy. We believe that fashion should go with the weather.

Food and Drink

The Food was easy and mostly warm.

Starter: A nice smooth Butternut soup, served with sweet rolls.

Main: Grilled lemon and Herb Chicken, served with Boiled Potatoes, Chakalaka and green salad

Dessert: Fresh strawberries, dipped in Chocolate + Birthday Cake

Drink: being a chilly night, we served wine and juice only. We took into consideration what people prefer, (mostly a sweet Red – enter Four Cousins) but others got their White wine, Amarula, and Dry Merlot.

The Ladies

An eclectic combination of ladies showed up, and this reminded me by far of how blessed I am to have such a collection of love and wisdom, inspiration and motivation in my life. These ladies are single, married, divorced, professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, scientists and IT people. Younger, older and ages in between. And this also allowed for some amazing exchanges of life lessons, wisdom and networking amongst ourselves.

The conversation evolved naturally from our plans to what drives us to life lessons from every woman’s perspective.

The Birthday Girl literally spent the whole night laughing and goofing around. It was the perfect birthday!

The biggest take home from the night was that women can and should hang out together and have fun more often. We need it. And women can and should be supportive of each other. We should champion each other, learn from each other, support each other and grow each other. #WomenSupportingWomen

Set up Concept and Decor – Urban Chic

Photography – Finch Media

Catering – DIY Urban Chic

Need help with your event, Contact Urban Chic on +260 979 626493/ +260 966 220903

Love J & N

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