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#OOTD: White on Blue Denim

Next to black on black, one of the easiest and chic-est looks you can wear is white with blue denim…

For a late afternoon meeting, and early evening chill the two directors at Urban Chic gave their own take on the white on Denim look:

Ngosa went for white jeans and a blue denim shirt for a more modern twist. The basic look was dressed up with a pair of White spiky heels and a trendy Gucci Sylvie shoulder bag.

Jayne when with the classic blue jeans but picked a modern pair and a white t-shirt. She too upped the look with White heels and a Gucci floral shoulder bag with Bamboo handle.


Read more on Ngosa & Jayne’s personal blog: UrbanChic Mag.

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Jayne & Ngosa

Urban Chic is a lifestyle blog highlighting the personal style, food and tastes through the eyes of its two directors Jayne and Ngosa. These are two mums, wives, business women and employees with differing preferences juggling their various roles. Urban chic Is a platform for the ladies to share positive stories, lessons and inspiration for DIY projects, styling tips and opinions on current stories.

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