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ON THE SPOT: Ciara x Topshop Private Atlanta Event

4 months ago Ciara took a picture with Sir Phillip Green via Instagram announcing. . . “So cool hearing Sir Phillip introduce me as the new brand ambassador for Topshop #USA!!!”

Ciara has made herself a fashion icon. She entered the fashion industries eyes first being Riccardo Tisci’s muse for Givenchy. It is so awesome to see Ciara as the new face of the US Topshop Brand following previous models, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevinge.

Topshop Atlanta celebrated Atlanta’s own, R&B singer, Ciara, as their new US Brand Ambassador.  We were invited to an exclusive party and Q&A with Ciara hosted by MyStyleVita’s Jessica Camerata at Lenox Square Mall.  Ciara’s style picks for Holiday will labeled all around the store. A candy and cupcake bar filled with yummy treats caught my eye immediately! There were also complimentary hair and beauty make overs.Jessica+Camerata+Topshop+Ciara+Celebrate+Holiday+60ezx-D9Eyyl

It was a very intimate sit down with Ciara. Her personality is as bright as her smile. Jessica Camerata asked her own questions and a few from the audience.

Q: As a women of South Atlanta, What have you taken from your upbringing and community that best apply to your consistent and positive character?

Ciara: I was actually raised in Decatur. I was also a military baby who lived in Germany and California. That balance was very key and I was very blessed to experience that. Seeing everything allowed me to understand people. Allowed me to have a broad outlook on life. I never believed I would be limited by my race or where I came from. Decatur wasn’t the best neighborhood, so this allowed me to stay humble and blessed.Topshop+Ciara+Celebrate+Holiday+Season+Their+FxFxKGH_rhzl

Q: How do you balance Fashion, Music, and Family?

Ciara: I am a 100% or nothing kind of girl. I dream big, and I’m a women of ambition on a mission. This is the only way I can truly succeed in very aspect of my life. Being a good mom, being the best business women, and entertainer. I give 100% every time. It literally is a system for me. I wake up, I attend to my son right away, then I’m on to my business calls. I make sure I’m committing to 100%. If I can’t give 100% I accept that and try to break it down so it makes sense for me. I like to be realistic with myself.

Q: If you weren’t a superstar singer, what would you be doing?

Ciara: I definitely would be a BOSS at whatever I’m doing. I never had a “real” job. My side hustle was doing hair in my neighborhood. Maybe I would be owning a few hair salons. I’m not sure, because I have a love for fashion and I would probably be acting. Whatever it is I’d be owning it. Just BOSS life, just bossing it up!

Q: After all your success over the years, What’s the biggest accomplishment you are most proud of?

Ciara: When I was 14, before I was an entertainer. I made a goal sheet. My first goal was to get discovered, second was to sell 3 to 4 million records, and third to have longevity. I got discovered two weeks after I made that list. My second goal I exceed by selling 5 million records. Third longevity, being in this very tough industry for 13 years running, that’s my biggest accomplishment.

#Selfie of Ciara and Our Creative Director Kiara B. 

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