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Mythbuster: Coconut Oil isn’t a Wonder Oil

Coconut oil works for everything – MYTH!  

A popular myth I’ve fallen prey to as of late is that Coconut Oil is the WONDER OIL….the oil that can fix anything -yellow teeth, dry hair, ashy skin and turn your meal into healthier cuisines.
But like anything, everything isn’t for everybody and prescribing coconut oil for every personal woe, doesn’t work for everyone, namely me.

My mom is notorious for over-generalizing, claiming that everything that works for her will work for me. MYTH!


Here are three other remedies I’ve tried with coconut oil that to no avail were myths:

On hair:
Before I tell you it didn’t work, let me share what I’ve learned: the use of hair oils depends on your hair’s natural oil production. You have to find out what you’re lacking? The nutrients provided by coconut oil may not be what you need to give your hair a moisture boost. It actually made my ends more frazzled and dry. I found that castor oil and olive oil give my hair much more luster.

On lips:
While some people may find it helpful in the case of dry lips….it sucked mine dry. I tried coconut oil as a natural lip balm when I found that the balm I was using clogged my pores. The result: cracked and peeling lips. I even tried making an actual balm mixing in other ingredients with coconut oil as my base, but nope. My lips were still dry.

As shaving cream:
I should’ve known this couldn’t work with it being an oil. But with no shaving cream left, I put this quick-fix to the test. Surely enough the oil clogged up the razor and left me half-shaven legs. Not to mention it was extremely difficult to get through. I was constantly rinsing the razor and scrubbing the excess oil from between the blades.

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Maybe coconut oil works for you in some of these ways, but the key is don’t believe everything you read. I prefer to only recommend things I know work, whereas I’m positive a lot of these blogs about coconut oil are just compilations of stuff other people read and never tried. Especially, that shaving cream one.

Share some of your ups and downs with coconut oil!

Briana Myrie

Co-Founder & Content Editor Hippie at heart, lover of love.

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