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What To Wear When Meeting The Parents?

So you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, eh? Although I’m sure you’re excited, you’re probably also a bit nervous. “What do I talk about?!” “Should I bring something? What do they even like?!” “What If she hates me?!”

Well how the heck should I know? They probably will hate you. I’m not a psychic! But, what I am here to help you with is the appearance part of this visit. The quote “looks don’t matter” does not apply here. First impressions are everything. Especially when you’re trying to impress his parents.

First things first, keep it simple. Keep it clean. There is a saying that the old folks had, ‘K.I.S.S.’ Keep It Simple Stupid. Ok I’m not 100% sure if old people say it. I’m actually almost positive I got it from twitter but you get the gist?

Now, what to wear. Before I post pictures of things I would suggest. There are a few cons I’d like to list first:

1. Cleavage!! Don’t do it, please don’t do it. *Drake voice* No really, put the girls up! This is not an occasion they’re invited to. It can be very unflattering and it can also give off the wrong impression. [Especially to his mom.]

2. Ripped Jeans. I know, I know they’re my fav too. But let’s not whip the thighs out at the first family meeting here. Ripped is always cool, just not cool to meet your future in-laws. Cover them knees! Cover them thighs!

3. Crop Tops, and anything with the back out. Yes, I know everyone loves a crop top but, do you want your boyfriend’s parents first time seeing you to be in one? Belly ring showing, that one tattoo you have on your side. Come on, let’s not show them that side of you yet.

At this point you’re probably thinking ‘ok, so what’s left for me to even wear’. I may have named everything in your closet (which kind’ve says a lot about you..but no judgement here). Below, I’ve posted a few things that I think are “parent friendly”.

Cardigans. This open-front cardigan is very boho and very chic. It’s so simple to put a cardigan on over anything. A cardigan can take the most basic white tee and jeans look and turn it into a more formal outfit. Casual or formal it always looks amazing and adds an extra layer. 35476233_023_b

Cigarette pants. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t go with cigarette pants. This is a go-to classic, these pants are slightly stretchy and look good on everyone. You can pair these with a blouse and pointed toe heels, or even a sweater and loafers.


Mid-Rise Skinny Jean. I know you’re thinking the skinny jean is kind of cliche, and everyone is doing it! You’re right! But I mean what doesn’t go with a nice pair of skinny jeans?!…..EXACTLY. You can dress this up with a sweater, or a flowy blouse, or make it casual with a simple V neck and flats. This skinny jean gives you a super tight fit with a tapered leg (would go great with some cute ankle boots).  .

A Jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are easy peasyyyy! You throw this on with a pair of nice booties, or any shoe of your choice for that matter and you’re good to go! These things suck when you have to pee tho *womp*

A Sweater. Come onnn! What’s safer than a sweater?! Get this super cute sweater here .

Before you go, I know I’m a fashion blogger, but here are a few quick tips when doing your make-up for this occasion

1. No cake face. Like I mentioned earlier about the clothing, same applies for make-up. I wouldn’t use anything heavy or cakey. Try something light weight like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

2. Don’t OD on the blush. Too much blush can make you look a little clownish. A quick swipe of your fave blush and you should be good to go!

3. No dark lips! I know we love our vampy purples and dark reds, but I would save that for a later date. Try your favorite nude, or your favorite pink lipgloss/lipstick. Whatever is more neutral and simple on you.

4. Eyeliner. Don’t get all goth on the eyeliner. Keep it simple and chic. A cute little wing and you’re set.

BTW: You could also just do mascara and no eyeliner. A little bit of mascara always goes a long way. (But if you just can’t go without the eyeline, follow rule #4).

5. Last, but not least. Eyeshadow. Like I’ve mentioned time and time again. Keep it simple. I would go with something neutral, something that blends with your skin tone. Please, leave the crazy blues and glitter shadows at home! Glitter gets everywhere. You don’t want to show up looking like a disco ball. Not that kind of party, babe.

Check out a few natural looks below:


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Thanks for reading guys ! xo

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