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Letter to My 18 year old self

Hey Baby Boo,

I know you don’t know it yet, but life is about to hit you with an abundance of life trials; but guess what YOU persevered. You’ve always been so good at that. You never give yourself enough credit for weathering through each storm no matter how small or how grand. Yet, each time you Pop out like WIZZAAMMMM People! Be grateful for adversity, it doesn’t take away from your strength or determination. It adds character to your imperfect being.  Each heartbreak, each disappointment, and each mistake will teach you something. Appreciate your growth and your lessons-BUT MOST Importantly DON’T do them again ;)!

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If I could give you any thing more valuable then what I’ve experienced through these 5 years it would be this list:

1. Everything doesn’t happen for a reason BUT things fall apart for better things to fall in place. Love is lost for better love to be gained. Pain is felt to teach empathy, tolerance, and restraint. Failures occur to teach you that nothing is promised. Not going to Howard may have been the very best thing that wasn’t supposed to happen. But you learned that you weren’t invincible in more ways then one:  you learned to work HARD; You learned about love, self love; You sought out help for your struggles. Most importantly You learned that NO can happen and things aren’t going to fly into your hands. DSC08219Learning that life isn’t perfect, our plans don’t always go as imagined, or  that life can fall apart are pivotal in growing, and accepting things as they are. Persevere Yung Thug.


2. Pig out on SATC ReRuns EVERY SATURDAY. Well Really remember the value in friendships, but still Pig out on SATC. Friendships are so necessary, you need your mirrors, ears, shoulders, and girlfriend dates. Lots of those. Your collegiate years are beautiful because of growth but can be stressful because of growth *smiles*.  You need your support system aka your friends to help you get through your days, find strength, help calm you through typical panic attacks, and other anxiety ridden situations. The best dates after a break up are always with your best friend. When you have really great friends treat them well, tell them you care, but also be understanding – learn their language and how to support them. And don’t forget SATC Saturdays or Sundays, or Anydazeeeeee.


3. Be the Person you’d be proud to see others look up to. Don’t aspire to be perfect, just honest, loving, and self-fulfilling. These three characteristics will propel you in the direction you need to go in, and will help find the path you seek to be successful. Don’t forget to be silly, very silly, goofy, corny, and uncoordinated. Be the person you’d want to look up to. Don’t forget to keep an army of role models for you to aspire to be like to – these women or men can be your guides, your mentors, your sisters, but most importantly your teachers. Find ways to make an impact on your community, give back – it gives back in esteem to yourself, and keeps you aware of realities outside of your own.


4. Find your Inner Prowess or for me inner Tigaaaaaa Booty. What I mean is find your voice, your zen, your happiness, and your purpose. Find what makes You: You the imperfect yet divinely created person that you are. Explore the world, explore an counselor’s/therapist’s office, dance to Ashanti and Ja Rule in the mirror, read books that you can’t put down. For the openly inappropriate go to sex museums. But most importantly learn what you spend most of your time doing. Whether its during your free time, procrastination time, or relaxing time – these activities could be the start of what your passion is, pay attention so you can hone them.


DSC_06096. Appreciate the people who’s love comes with no conditions. Well except for sugar. They can provide insight and knowledge when you least expect it. Appreciate their innocence, and bluntness you don’t really get that from others as you get older.


5.Love yourself, heal yourself, and learn yourself.



Love, Peace, and Boobies!




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