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Sick of Swallowing Misogyny? A Poem for You.

Do You Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?

For the man who asked do you kiss your mother with that mouth
Implying my youth reason enough not to roar
You can’t be both girl and activist right
Mama says I’m too 17 to claim my womanly features
Say I’m still sandbox cute
Still Shirley Temple curls animal crackers in my soup
That I’ve been playing child for years too many
Say you girl, sort of woman
Don’t you know band aids can’t fix daddyless daughters
Neosporin can’t heal the scrapes of your adulthood
Say peroxide serves no use here
Here we cleanse our cuts with alcohol
The kind that bubbles burns and heals within the same gulp
To me womanhood isn’t how many shots
Your body can take before it rejects the liquor
It is taking the shots and daring your body not to weaken
Becoming woman is a finish line they have convinced me I have not crossed
A given thing revoked easily
Misogyny taste like an unwanted fucking
It smells like a slut whose not really a slut
Only jezebel for the men who taught her whore
Dear society my breast were here way before your judgment took reign
Ladies, trust not that of a tongue that’ll spit on your clit
Then choke on the word vagina
They will be the ones to create vacation in you
Use your pussy as gift shop never monument always souvenir
Girl, how many of them boys model your scent as cologne
Wear your punani as puka shell necklace
Got all your got all gone and yo get all empty
And a heart half full aint no love left swimming in you
But a chest drained dry and a handful of angry
Men treat me more menstration than human
I ashamed not of my river
This be a thing that can bleed and bleed and bleed
And still refuse to die
I am fearless of this body
I am fearful for this body
I am furious with those who claim it’s name as first
This temple be all mine
Isn’t It I to choose who travels these walls
What a woman I must be in order to deny man luxury of my fruit
What is a woman if not still a woman when told otherwise
To the man who asked do you kiss your mother with that mouth
I answer
Yes the fuck I do
Twice on a good day
By Nubia Lives

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Nubia Lives

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