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Keeping Your Vagina Happy

Let’s get a little up close and personal and talk about what’s between our legs. Let’s start here; take a hand held mirror to the bathroom and take a peek down there. I recently discovered that some girls just believe what’s in the anatomy textbook. We sometimes neglect our vagina because it’s seen as a “sex organ”, and if you were raised as a Christian like I was, touching, thinking, or talking about your vagina was off limits.

Does everyone look alike down there? What’s normal discharge? And, um, what’s that smell? Questions about our vaginas can be embarrassing, making it hard to bring them up with even close friends or partners. I hope I can answer a few questions that I’ve had and many of my girlfriends have had as well.

What’s that smell?

Your diet may affect how things smell down there. Your scent can vary during ovulation and even when you eat something pungent like garlic. The first step to having a fragrant & delicious pubic area would be to thoroughly wash and wear clean laundry. There’s a song “Diced Pineapples” by Rick Ross. A fruit loving women helped Ross discover that pineapples are a vaginal taste aid. Apparently, it’s high in sugars, and when you eat it, some internal magic happens and sends pineapple sweetness straight to your vagina. This is true for any yummy fruit!

What’s this sticky stuff?

I hope we’re talking about discharge here. Vaginal discharge is normal when it’s clear. The vagina is a mucus membrane. That means fluids are supposed to be there, and you may see a few spots on your underwear. Some women have more discharge than others. Being on the birth control pill can affect discharge. Changes in discharge can mean an infection. Yeast infections are fairly common. They tend to cause a white discharge that looks like cottage-cheese. They bring a lot of itching and redness but no odor. They’re usually treated with creams or other meds that go directly into the vagina. Doctors sometimes prescribe pills. Another common infection, called bacterial vaginosis, causes a greenish or yellowish discharge. It smells fishy, especially after sex.

If you have itching, burning, or unusual discharge for more than one week, you should see a doctor.

How can I get an extra clean who-ha?

Your vagina is self-cleaning. If anything, you just need a mild soap or shampoo on your pubic hair and the outer vulva. Avoid rubbing with a washcloth. Don’t douche or use other special cleaning products for your vagina. These can ruin the normal balance of bacteria and cause problems.

Why does it hurt? Maybe he’s too big?

Sex shouldn’t be painful. Many women suffer in silence, because they are too embarrassed to say anything when sex hurts. If this is the case for you, set up a visit to your gynecologist. Make it separate from your regular exam. That gives you time to explain your concerns and figure out possible causes. The vagina is very strong, I don’t think a penis can come close to a baby’s head during childbirth.

Is there a doctor in the house? 

To find a doctor you like, set up a get-to-know-you appointment first. Make sure that you have a good rapport with your gynecologist. You should feel like you can bring up any worry or question. See your doctor every six months if you’re sexually active. Always use a condom. Don’t be silly, make him wrap his Willy!


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