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Is Dating while in a Relationship Cheating?

Most people are going to tell me, that’s a stupid question. However, if you sit down with 10 or more people, a different answer may emerge.
In light of shows like Insecure and albums like Lemonade444, the idea of monogamy is constantly challenged. (Is it possible? Are we capable of it?)
Dating, in the modern world, is the pretext to beginning a relationship. You date because you want to get to know a person. So what does it mean to date while in a relationship? Is this even a thing? Our Girlfriend, Carmeceia shares her opinion on the matter:
When you are in a relationship, you are expected to maintain certain level of respect whether it’s been agreed on or it’s implicit.
Here’s where you see a breakdown of expectations:
Some people feel it’s appropriate to have “friends” while in a relationship. However, when the harmless lunch and harmless dinner become serious flirtation, you aren’t aware. You feel it’s innocent, so it should not involve your partner. Then when the actions become more deliberate, you have a dilemma. A simple compliment can be seen out of context and taken as a flirtatious act. No two people think alike. Not to mention, temptation is nothing to be played with.
If a man is willing to date you and you are already involved, you know what’s up? If he doesn’t respect your current involvement, can he handle a real commitment to you? The challenge is knowing who and what you are dealing with which is the most difficult part especially depending on your current relationship. I understand that some relationships can hinder a persons growth and maturity, so some people will give up and look for the next best thing. A way to pass time until the relationship expires. Beware that every action has a reaction. However, make sure the reaction is something you can live with. No one has to judge you, but you.

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