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Inside A Black Hair Salon

“When you’re hungry and your food arrives to the table”; this is how one of the girls at this South Central Salon describes the feeling of a fresh hairdo. I’m sure every girl can agree getting your hair done makes you feel beautiful and attractive. Everyone is different and has different grades of hair, but black hair is special. Black hair has the ability to transform. A black woman can have a pixie cut one day and Lisa Bonet inspired dreads the next. If you think you’re going to run a few errands after you get your hair done, think again. A full hair transformation ain’t easy. This will be an all day glam session. So grab a hair magazine off the coffee table while you figure out if you want your part on the left or right side, because that’s a HUGE deal.

“So often, we get presented with a fabricated, imagined, and often unrealistic image of beauty that is so far removed from reality,” Ravi Amaratunga, i-D‘s global group director of film and video.  It’s super cool to see inside a black salon in the hood. Many black hair salons are different this is just one of the very few experiences, but as far as conversation, weave installation, and amount of waiting chairs occupied, it is similar to most.

Black hair is beautiful, whether it’s sewn in, braided, or natural and koily.

Kiara Brown

The Creative Director of The G Spot Blog. I am first a blogger, second a stylist, and an equally an artist. Style On, Ki Brown @KiStyleMe

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