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Your Inner Energy

Channeling Your Inner Energy

Have you noticed that you’ve been extremely frustrated with and hard on yourself lately? Letting your emotions lead your life can often become self-destructive. Fortunately, there are different ways to prevent, or at least not be led by, these kind of harmful yet habitual practices. Discovering yourself, connecting with your inner energy, and practicing being present with and accepting your experiences can be extremely freeing and beneficial to your mind, body, and life in the long run. Before we begin, it must be stated that being aware of these concepts and teachings does not mean you are betraying your own religion. If anything, it makes you more spiritual and in tune with your life.

It is important to become familiar with the seven main chakra energy centers of our body–crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, spleen, and root. Essentially, chakras are energy centers, drawing in information from our surroundings, that are the key to the operation of our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You can read up on chakras, their relevance and test where you currently stand within all the chakras. Also, the chart below explains these chakras more in depth.

Another practice that is beneficial to our being is meditation. Meditation helps especially with connecting to the present without worry about the past or future–which often leads to our stress, anxiety, and/or uncontrollable emotions. Practicing meditation regularly (every day, even if for only 10 minutes) helps us accept our experiences and brings us back to our reality in a positive, open minded way. By focusing on the simple things (basically nothing, or just our breath), we learn to concentrate and redirect our energy in amazing ways.

There are countless other ways to connect with your inner energy. It truly is so simple to become attune with our being without beating ourselves up. It’s just the world around us that makes us complicate things. A great book to read about meditation and how to become educated on Buddha’s life teachings and practices (without being or wanting to be Buddhist) is The Buddha Walks into a Bar: A Guide to Life for a New Generation by Lodro Rinzler.

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