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Should You Take a Social Media Breather?

While having a conversation with a group of my co-workers, we got on the subject of social media, you know, the most popular way of “gaining new friends” and “networking.” This led to us questioning how we ever got by  before technology. Anyway, while it’s awesome that we have a great new way of staying connected with not only just our fellow peers and family, but even our friend’s mother and father, our neighbors down the street and all the celebrities. I started thinking, maybe I don’t want to be quite that “connected” to so many people.

So I’ve always wanted to ask friends and colleagues, “does your social media page really reflect who you are as an individual when you’re off of the Internet? Do your social media pages really tell someone who you are as person?” Interestingly enough, I recently read an article that mentioned how Kylie Jenner only has a couple of friends and how her Instagram reflects nothing of who she truly is. I don’t believe that she’s the only case like this. In fact, I think that most people’s Instagram reflect nothing of who they truly are.

Now, while I am all for utilizing social media to further your career or to help develop and grow businesses/organizations, I have chosen not to make it one of my personal hobbies. Most of the time when I tell people this, I get a clueless face and I even have people trying to convince me why I should have one. It’s actually been interesting to see the different reactions that people have when I tell them I don’t have any personal social media pages nor am I interested in creating any right now. I would much rather have the people who care about what’s going on in my life call and check up on me or come by and pay me a visit. You know, the old fashion way.

Instead of social media creating a platform of success for me, it became a huge distraction. It wasn’t making me any money. I wasn’t using it to advance my career at all. I “networked” with individuals, but conversations were more about where I was going, what I was doing and who I was with. I even had several guys try to hit on m, that’s  a whole other story in itself. I am a very traditional girl and actually enjoy doing some things the old fashion way.(Yes, we still exist lol). Anyway, the time I spent on social media posting pictures of myself on the beach or hanging out with friends or even just scrolling through my timeline, I could have been using more productively. I was wasting too much time trying to consistently portray a perfect life with beautiful pictures of myself. There were things outside of social media that I could not only be doing to make money, but things that I could do to help me learn more about myself and not everybody else. Whether it be reading, praying, or whatever else I’ve chosen to do with my time. I certainly feel much more productive without it.

With the elimination of it and some other things, I have now found myself more focused on obtaining my masters, advancing my career, becoming more actively involved in my spiritual life and creating other habits that are more beneficial in my life. It has also taught me a lot of self-discipline. I used to have urges to check my messages or update myself of what’s going on daily, but I am now very satisfied with not getting on social media at all if I don’t have to.  I guess I can say that the no social media thing has significantly contributed to my journey of becoming a better version of me. Maybe I will try it out again in the near future. Eh…we’ll see. I kind of like not being in the constant loop. It gives me a little time to wonder.

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