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#HitTheSpot: Our Best & Worst NYC Restaurant Stops

Where should I even begin.¬†I eat everything and Kiara’s a pescatarian. When it was time to eat we had to find the perfect place every time to meet both of our hunger needs. In 2015, it’s not that difficult to find organic, vegetarian friendly restaurants, but finding ones that actually taste good is another issue. Luckily, we were able to find a great balance of phenomenal¬†dishes to the not-so-good places. Here are our favorite restaurant stops:

The Best:



We found Dimes on a cool blog called “Girls I Know.” The little cafe, owned by a pair of best friends, is health-conscious and delicious! The atmosphere was very relaxed from the minimalist decorations to the all-male staff dressed in khaki shorts, white tees and canvas baseball caps. Everything on the menu was healthy and freshly made right down to the tasty spicy mango salsa. One of the owners even makes and sells her own candles.

Jaiya Thai


My boyfriend brought me to this small thai spot on the Upper East Side. It was small but had a great atmosphere; perfect for a date. Great Customer Service; they remembered him when he walked in. He ordered for us: Pad Thai w/ tofu (my favorite), veggie duck, and spring rolls. It was the perfect amount of spicy and savory. 5 stars in my book. -Kiara B.

Miss Lily’s Jerk Chicken


We happened upon this place on a late night adventure. Everyone raved about how good the jerked wings were at Miss Lily’s so I had to give them a try! I was licking my fingers by the end and almost ordered a second basket. The jerked fries were so good I ate them before I could get a picture!


saludnyc saludnyc1

Vegetarian Mexican food that doesn’t suck! With Kiara being a vegetarian it was tough to find a happy balance where I could get food that actually tasted like food and she could maintain her diet. At Salud we did not have any problems! Latino cuisine is my favorite, so I’m a tough critic. I’m happy to say Salud passed the test!


The Worst:

Bleecker Kitchen & Co.


This may look hearty and flavorful, but it was anything but. I had an omelet with potatoes and I was less than thrilled. The taste was completely bland.



Although the food was appetizing, we waited nearly an hour to receive our raw meat that we then struggled to barbecue on our own. The experience was fun, but the wait made us feel like it wasn’t worth it.

Momfuku Noodle Bar


Highly overrated. When I sat down at the swanky counter I was prepared to be blown away by the much bragged about ramen noodles. To say the least I found the broth to be oddly bland the noodles were not as soft as I expected. It could’ve just been the one I ordered, but at $15 a bowl I’m expecting every dish to be nothing short of amazing.

Briana Myrie

Co-Founder & Content Editor Hippie at heart, lover of love.

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