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Graffiti By A Girl

It’s Not A Man’s World Anymore

As far as the cultish universe of street art is concerned, it’s been a man’s world.

Often illegal, even the most beautiful graffiti art is entwined with the high-risk activities required to produce it: running from police, climbing through abandoned areas and all of this often happening at night. As Catfight Magazine points out: “Graffiti, guerrilla art and urban activism still convey a stereotypically tough male image, but they are beginning to have other faces.”

Popular artists like Banksy and BNE have driven home the narrative that to be a famed street artist, you have to be initiated into an all-boys club.

But it’s 2015, and like the rest of the world, the arena of street art has transcended gender norms. These talented women prove girls can paint too, and not just with oils on easels.






Elno Elno1

Tatyana Falalizadeh.

tatyana fazlalizadeh Tatyana Fazlalizadeh2

Lady Aiko. Lady Aiko Lady Aiko1

Miss Hazard.Miss Hazard Miss Hazard1

Nardstar*.Nardstar* Nardstar*1

Princess Hijab.
Princess Hijab Princess Hijab1




Saki. saki saki1

Zina.zina zina1




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