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Gotta Start Somewhere…The Journey to Blogging

I have been talking about blogging for a very long time, like a seriously long time…like since 2010–A. Long. Time. And although I like to consider myself to be exceptional at idea conception, but I’ve also got a pretty nasty knack for procrastinating. Thus five years have gone by and I not a single word has been blogged… until now.

Maybe it’s because it’s #Nationalcoffeeappreciationday, maybe it’s because I had a pretty decent run this afternoon, or maybe it’s because I’m 395 days away from 30 and feeling like it’s time–either way I’m feeling focused, alert and ready to do, I dunno, stuff (including finally blogging). I guess you can call this first post your 200 word introduction to ‘Me’, your road map to understanding how I write, or your moment to slowly back away and never read another word “written by Carter”:

I really like nail polish, its probably the girly-est thing about me. I make up words that should be words, but you’ll get what they mean in context. I use lots of appositives, asides, sidebars, or whatever you want to call a plain old side comments (so get ready for lots of parenthesis), it helps me feel like I’m saying all that I need to say (and then some). I started an online dating profile to give me writing material, and trust me there’s a lot out there. I will try most things once with little pushback. I live life in pencil, that way it’s easier to correct my mistakes. I have an equal love for the utterly nonsensical and the deeply serious. I value humor and freedom of speech; however,  I believe that some things are low-brow and without question in poor taste (and please believe me you’ll read about them). I heavily use ‘and’. I write how I speak so if you feel a furled-browed- side-eye being given, you’re probably reading it correctly. I was an English major and I try to utilize all 14 punctuation marks of the English language as often as possible…especially an improperly used ellipses.

I had to start somewhere, now on to the rest!

Lynise Carter

California born, North Eastern bred, southern by blood...I'm a simple gal with a lot to say! Likes: Jewelry, food, fabric, politics, fitness and men; Loves: Literature, colors, complaining, music, lying in bed and booze! Newly both dirty & flirty 30. Back in Atlanta from the ‘Mile High City' and still #insearchof ______, so in the meantime I will be eating, drinking and writing my way through my search with you as my passengers...enjoy the ride! @MoreCaliBelle

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