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Girlfriend of the Week: Nia Skye, Future Matchmaker

Who is Nia Skye?

Influenced by her own trial and error in the dating world, Nia Skye was led to begin a relationship + dating blog for the modern, young professional. It’s clear the dating game has evolved to digital screen conversations and instant matches, but people are still people. Although the interaction has changed, the mess of finding love is ever the same. Nia Skye aims to encourage and guide individuals in finding healthy relationships by tackling age-old issues from a fresh perspective.

How were you inspired to create Nia Skye, the dating advice blog?

I got the idea to put together a dating, relationship and sex blog based off of my own experiences while I was in college. My freshman year, you know we’re so young then. I was 17, I started dating this older guy and he really put me through some things. I just learned a lot from that experience and then from the guys I dated afterwards. So from that I learned what to do, what not to do and I didn’t want other women to have to go through what I went through. That’s where my inspiration came from. I just really like helping women and men in general and this is a good place to start.

From your observation, what seems to be the most common relationship misstep?

I would say, people move too fast. They don’t really take out the time to get to know someone. I believe it takes a good 6-12 months to figure out a person’s personality; truly finding what you like about them or what you don’t like about them. So I say people need to slow down and really get to know the person that you’re dating.


As a dating advisor, how do you define love?

I like to think of love as someone that is your best friend. I look closely to my parents relationship. They have been married for 26 years. My dad is who my mom talks to all day, everyday. They do everything together. That’s part of what love is. When you’re able to accept someone’s flaws, embrace them and commit to working through the hard parts.

Thinking about the conversations between women my age, we all agree that we’re past the “he has to have muscles phase” and to now look for something “deeper.” So would you say relationships require both love and attraction, or can both partners be mutually benefited without? niaskye4

That’s a great question. Let’s be honest, when you meet someone for the first time, you’re looking at how they carry themselves, so I think that’s where attraction plays a role. But over time, the attraction will fade away. You’re no longer looking at whether he has muscles or the fact that he’s tall. You start looking at whether he asked how your day was or if your car broke down, would he come and get you? So I believe it’s a little of both. Attraction definitely plays a role, I won’t totally discount that.


What is next for Nia Skye?

I have a Valentine’s day mixer for singles and couples coming up on February 9th. Outside of that, I want to bring what’s on the blog offline and have more community events. Where we get together and implement or practice what we talk about online.

Do you see yourself becoming a counselor at some point? Or do you want to stay a bit more objective without getting intimately involved with individual relationships?

I definitely want to move in the direction of matchmaking, with some counseling in a sense. Because before I send you out into the world, I want to be sure you have the guidance. That’s where I see myself in the future.

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