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Girlfriend of the Week: Erin Hampton, Blogger and Photographer

Hey, Tell us what you’re all about? 

I’m all about knowing yourself and the people around you. Culture fascinates me because it tells you about people– who they are, who other people think they are, why they are who they are, and also what people want you to see about them. Fashion is art, and music tells you so much about a person without even having to explain with words. It creates inspiration and connections–good vibes and relationships between people. That’s what I’m about.

What inspired you to start

IMG_0520I’ve always been obsessed with personal fashion. Trends and fashion houses peak my interest, but my real passion is street style–a sect of fashion culture that specifically relates to one’s identity. I wanted to share my personal style, ideas and vision of myself with others. Maybe inspire someone. I also really love doing the shoots.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style has so many sides because I have so many sides to who I am. I would say edgy, classy, chic, nostalgic, and fabulous all rolled into one… at least that’s the idea. I love stores like urban outfitters, but then again, I could style my closet in absolutely nothing, but Theory. Depends on my mood. And above all else, I LOVE wearing black… there is nothing better than an all black ensemble to me.


When you pick up your camera, what are you most excited about shooting?

I like shooting people in a way that gives you a sort of nostalgic feeling. Whether it reminds you of youth, a place you’ve been, or a song you used to love. When picking up my camera, my goal is to capture the essence of something.

If you had a choice to be apart of any fashion house as their creative director, who would it be and why?

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.51.36 AMThat’s a hard question. I would probably go with Balmain, Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, or Gucci. I’m loving what each of them are doing with their brands right now. Especially in their editorial ads. I’m all for effortlessly cool (Phillip Lim/ Calvin Klein) and the ridiculously fabulous (Balmain/ Gucci).

What sets your personal style blog apart from the rest? 

Well I think my writing style is such that people can really relate to it and actually have some fun while reading a post. My post are directed to certain type of girls. Girls who loves black or minimal color, but isn’t a complete minimalist. I think with most blogs you either have to be this colorful sunshine girl or the grayscale minimalist. I need both in my life, and therefore; in my personal style blog.

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