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Girlfriend of the Week: Laura Ciriaco, Photographer

Introduce yourself ( What makes you, you?) 

I’ve always found it pretty difficult to answer the question of what makes me, me. I learn so much about myself daily that I feel like I can become anything at any point. I can however say, that what has made me, me – is everything I did not let bring me down. Everyone experiences things that may set them back. People sometimes let that stop them completely from living again, because they convince themselves that they deserved it somehow. What has shaped me is that I learned to only move forward. But to keep it short, I’m a 22 year old female photographer born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx.

When did you pick up a camera & what sparked your interest in photography? 

I picked up a camera shortly after High School when I realized I wasn’t into what I originally studied, Fashion Business Marketing. My sister used to use me as her muse when she began photography, so I already had an idea of how a camera worked, how to manipulate light, and see in concepts. Learning through being her muse sparked my interest in teaching myself how to photograph the things I wanted through film photography.

What type of photographer do you consider yourself? 

I consider myself to be a portrait/fashion photographer with photojournalist intentions. I normally don’t shoot a model just once, because I like to develop a relationship where I can help them find ways to feel more comfortable being a muse. Being comfortable in front of a camera is very difficult, because you feel so vulnerable most of the time. But achieving that is what’s empowering. My photos portray the development and growth of my models as women.

What makes the world beautiful in your eyes? 

The world is beautiful, because there is so much to explore and nothing is the same. Sometimes I travel and feel like I’ll know for the most part what the place will look likcrystalresizede, what it’ll feel like to be there, what the air will smell like. I get there, and I’m completely surprised by its beauty. No place is alike, no person is the same, no one has lived the same life and even if they did, they’ve experienced it differently – that’s beautiful. Also, color.

What’s next for you? 

The photo duo that I am apart of, MoreMulher, is currently working on our second calendar. That follows a photo exhibit with the release of the calendar. We have so much work to show – I’m excited to finally do that!





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