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Work It: 4 Must-Try Fitness Fads

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Tired of your usual “abs, butt, and thighs” routine? As summer approaches we’re all too familiar with the rush to shed the winter layers, but wouldn’t it be great to find an exercise you actually like? It would be even better if you found something you’d enjoy doing all year long that not only kept your attention, but kept you in tip-top shape for those moments you have to throw on something tight! These four work out classes are tried and true by Girlfriends.

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1. Pure Barre

A personal favorite, Pure Barre is a fast and effective way to tone your entire body. Using ballet technique these classes lift, lengthen and sculpt your body, while providing the atmosphere and mediation of a yoga class. These classes are available for all levels, so don’t be afraid if you’ve never done ballet!

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2. Hot Yoga

Get ready to sweat! While you may sweat in your typical work-out classes, this class is designed for you to pour! Adapted from the Bikram Yoga technique, hot yoga classes are taught in anywhere from 90 to 105 degrees. The classes provide a deep stretch and amazing stretch that will open and sculpt you simultaneously.

Fitness Fads3. Cross Fit

Looking to gain endurance? Cross Fit is an intense take on working out that focuses on 10 physical competencies. This training is definite way to get in shape fast and plays majorly on your competitive drive.

4. Boxing

Boxing like Cross Fit is endurance heavy. Building your cardio through jump rope and shuffle series, you receive an amazing full-body sculpt that gives you some of the best curves for the summer. You can opt for personal sessions or join a class for this high-impact class.


Tried a class and want to refer it? Send us a message or a leave a comment about your experience!

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