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Fashion Guide for Your Summer Internship

Hooray you made it!! Full on summer intern ready to take on the world! You applied, interviewed, got the job, but wait- what do you mean you can’t wear your favorite birks and comfort color t-shirts to the office everyday?? Oh, yeah that’s right- you’re an ADULT now. (Well, for the summer at least). This means you need the right mindset when you go shopping. Like: Yes, that shirt looks super cute but it’s probably a little too low cut for work.

I know this can all seem kind of overwhelming, but I’ve broken it down for you into the most simple pieces you need in your closet.



Professional pants are a must for the office. Try to get a few pairs of khakis, black slacks, and some pastel chinos to keep things light and fun for the summer. Make sure they aren’t too long that they’re dragging over your feet, and if they are shorter, it has to be a purposeful look, not an outgrown teenage boy look. Also, wait to get a good hold on your office culture to see if/when jeans are okay to wear. Some places are super chill and people wear jeans every day, some only have casual Friday’s, and others it’s never okay to wear jeans. Use your best judgement!



This one is probably pretty easy to understand – nothing too tight, nothing too low cut, nothing that shows a ton of skin. Leave that look for outside the office. To be taken seriously you should dress the part! I like classic button downs, light blouses, and shirts with wide straps if it’s warm out. Always remember to bring a light cardigan if the office gets chilly, and get a blazer! Blazers are perfect to dress up any outfit and can immediately make you look super professional.



Shoes are super important for the office too. Don’t wear anything really uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Not to worry, shoes are still the best way of expressing yourself in a fun stylish way! If you’re wearing a super neutral outfit, a cool pop of color would look great. I love comfortable loafers, ballet flats, and chunky low heels. Shoes are totally up to you, wear what you feel comfortable in!

In summary: wear what makes you feel good always. Every office is different and every internship is different, be receptive to the other people in the office. Take pride in your image and be confident in yourself! You got the killer summer internship for a reason, flaunt it!

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