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Falling in Love with Yourself…How to & Why?


Love Yourself: How & Why…

Well it is that time of year once again, when love is as they say…in the air. Couples are planning romantic trips, dinners, outings, or just an intimate night at home. Many go all out spending money to prove their love for that significant other. But what about those that are not in a relationship, and that will be alone on that special day?

For some of those that are not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a waste of time, money,  and just plain overrated. After all who wants to be reminded that they will be spending the day alone? What if I told you, you can make it through this season and still feel a sense of love. How you ask? It starts with you. Yes you! Fall in love with yourself! Besides, you know yourself better than anyone else. You know what you like.

Treat yourself to a spa day or go buy that handbag or pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on. If you like flowers and candy, go buy it. If you’re bold and really want to love yourself, send yourself flowers and candy to your job or home. Plan a date with yourself. Now it’s understood that going out on Valentine’s Day in the presence of other couples may be too much for some. If so, plan your outing for the day before or after. If money is an issue, do what is in your budget, and plan something more for a later date.

Decide on whatever makes you comfortable, and no matter what, reserve time for YOU! Make it a habit to continue to plan time for yourself outside of Valentine’s Day. Of course it’s great having someone to spend time with, share special occasions, and receive special treatment. But don’t get comfortable feeling like you always need someone else to be happy. The more you learn to love yourself, the more prepared you will be when that special someone does show up. Until then, accept, enjoy, and love YOU! Have a Happy YOU Day everyday!

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Candace Ryan

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