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Have the Best Autumn EVER With Our Ultimate Fall Bucket List


I’m curious as to how many times “I just love fall” comes out of my mouth.  My reasons for “loving” fall are absolutely endless. But okay wait, I feel as if the word “love” doesn’t halfway cover the joy I feel when this season rolls around.  To put it in simpler terms, I’m Falling For Fall.  If I’m happy, you better know that fall is in full swing.  The indoors no longer exist because, well…who wants to be inside when the trees are absolutely breathtaking, the temperature is always perfect, the mouthwatering smell of the grill from the football tailgates is divine, and the crisp breeze as you take an early morning jog makes for a perfect start to the fall day.  Then followed by that jog is a warm pumpkin latte because…its fall and thats what us girlfriends like!


Fall brings a time of adventure seeking and wardrobe rearranging.  Regarding the wardrobe, pattern play is a must have! And when it comes to pattern play, focus on the mixing and not necessarily just the matching.  Matching can be so blah, and I know that all of you are MUCH MORE than “blah.”  You won’t believe it when I say “comfortable,” but forget the “beauty is pain” because you don’t know what your missing.  You can still be comfy and sophisticated with looser clothing.  Lean towards denim and shades of gray.  They are a fall must-have.


When it comes to adventure seeking the possibilities are endless.  From a mid morning hike to a early evening, back porch reading session, fall provides the comfort needed for self imagination and relaxation.  So whether fall is “your thing” or not, I challenge you to take a hike outside or grab a cup coffee and book, and read until you don’t know what time is.


 Or better yet, try one of these items on this bucket list and then you decide if fall is really “your thing.”  I bet I know the answer…


(Thanks to POPSUGAR)

Elizabeth Schnieders

Blogger, Missouri tiger enthusiast, and obsessor of all things unique. Journalism student working to share, achieve, and inspire through blogs and daily living.

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    Elizabeth ,
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    Best one yet!

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