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Do Friendships Really Last Forever?

It’s Life…Friends Come & Go

I was warned by my dad, my mom, teachers and other wise individuals, but when the time came I was still blindsided. “Your friends are important, but someday you’ll have your own lives” they’d say, while I just refused to believe that these people, who I loved dearly and shared all my secrets with, would one day not be waiting to hear every detail of my latest drama. But it happened. Some people dropped off immediately after high school, while my “besties” and I hung tight. College came and the new friends mixed with the old with such ease that I knew we’d all be together forever. It’s only now that I understand everything I’ve learned about life is shockingly true to the test.


I’ve come to have a great circle of friends, some old and some new, but as I’ve grown closer to God and prayed for him to align me with the right people I am understanding my friends distinct places in my life. Some friends are for going out, some are for staying in, some friends you can not see for months and pick up right where you left off. The list of friend types could go on and on. The important thing is to remember that although your relationship changes with friends it’s not bad.

Growing apart is hard, but as I’ve learned it is necessary. We can’t all walk the same path and as you’re called to fulfill your different purposes, your lives will take different journeys.

So when you feel like your world is crumbling or you recognize drastic changes in your friendships remember these 2 things:

A good friend is always a friend.

Yes, we’ve all had our run-in with those folks our lives are definitely better without and that’s fine. But when it’s one of those “we just grew apart friendships,” it is good to know that you’ll always be bonded. Although she/he may not be the first person you call with big news or it may seem a bit awkward when you guys meet up, you both still share a special bond. Especially the friends you grew up with, you all practically shaped each other’s lives. Those friendships are never forgotten and always hold a sincere place in your heart.

It’s Just Life.

So many times I get caught up thinking, what the hell is going on?? Is my life eternal chaos or what? Most days I’m fine. I crowd my life with so many to-do lists and obligations that it’s easy to forget to call my distant friends. For me, if f you’re not right here in the present or mutually calling me, I forget. When things slow down and I actually have time to ponder on memories, it does become morose (I might be a memory hoarder though, honestly). However, I’ve chosen to focus on how I grew from these relationships and what they’ve taught me.

“Don’t cling to the past, because no matter how tightly you hold it, it’s already gone.” – Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)



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