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Daddy Issues.


I was having a discussion with my mom today about who should walk me down the aisle in my upcoming wedding. Should it be my biological father, or my step-father? Me, I’m not particularly crazy about either option. The situation reminded me of a poem I wrote back in 2013, so now I’m going to share it with you guys! If you have experienced a similar situation as me, maybe my poem will let you know that you’re not alone, and that they [your dad] missed out on an amazing opportunity to truly love you!

Daddy Issues

As a young girl I don’t remember having a daddy with open arms,
awaiting me to return, because in his arms is where I felt at home.

I get a reminder everyday when I look into the mirror that he couldn’t deny me
based off of my physically features, but he chose to deny and deprive me of a love
only my daddy could give me.

I’ve never had a daddy-daughter dance,
or shared a moment with my daddy that I’d want to repeat again.

I don’t look forward to my daddy walking me down the isle on my wedding day,
instead I dream of the day my mother will give me away.

They say your daddy is the first man you love,
and I wish it weren’t true.

The feeling of loving my daddy and not feeling it in return
has deteriorated pieces of my heart that’ll never return.

I have never been the apple of my daddy’s eye, yet that’s all I ever wanted to be.
I wanted to be my daddy’s little girl, but God didn’t have that in His plans for me.

I have to believe there’s a reason why I’m the girl with daddy issues..




Jade Okafor

My name is Jade. I absolutely LOVE my name! I think my name is unique, and fits me to a tee. I generally just love words, I love writing, reading, and saying them (AKA- I talk A LOT). I am a true optimist. And the values I have acquired over the last twenty-four years of my life I want to instill in the people around me and the children I teach (I'm an educator). I am passionate about teaching and learning. I know I am not done learning, I will never be done, and I want every person and child I come in contact with to know that learning does not have an end point. I want people, and especially children, to see learning as a lifelong adventure, because learning should be something everyone enjoys whether it is in a classroom, church, or through completely unexpected situations. I feel that our minds only get old when we stop using them, and my mind is something I never want to lose; so I will continue to learn and be open to new heights for the rest of my life. As of now, I am thoroughly enjoying this thing called life, and trying my best to walk the road that The Lord has paved for me! I hope you will enjoy my posts, and that they will inspire you to be the best YOU, you can be! *kisses*

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