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Breathing Venetian Air – Venice Travel Diary

I loved being in Venice, walking its narrow streets, riding on its canals, just breathing the Venetian air in general. It’s a very small city that literally floats on water. That was such a fun aspect of being there. No cars, no buses, just boats and your two feet to get you from place to place. Upon arrival my mother and I got very lost. It’s so small but there are many twists and turns on its street. It took us 45 minutes to find our hotel and we were about 10 minutes away from it the whole time. The fact that we arrived during the night didn’t help. There were many American businesses there which I liked. There was an H&M and a Hard Rock Cafe walking distance from our hotel. I’m a very picky eater so I ate there a lot. I did try one of the restaurants that our gondola rower suggested to us and I did enjoy it. Pasta originated in Italy so I wasn’t surprised that it was delicious. On one menu there were multiple fish options and no chicken. I guess since this is a water town that makes sense.

San Marco’s plaza was packed with people of all kinds. You could tell we weren’t the only visitors. Actually, I think most of the people there were tourist. I found a Mac and the makeup artist told me it’s impossible to live in Venice and most people commute there from nearby towns. I found that to be interesting. The architecture is phenomenal. I felt like I had stepped back into time and I loved that feeling. Many people spoke some English so that was helpful in getting around. There were multiple signs for major attractions that we followed for directions as well. At the train station there was a woman who spoke no English at all but she was very effective in helping me find my train. I did minimal shopping there. It was the beginning of my trip so I didn’t want to blow large amounts of money. There were many shops with affordable clothing. We found one shop in which everything costed 10 euro. My mother and I had trouble figuring out the correct shoe sizes to choose because European sizes are different. We came to the conclusion that I can wear a 38 or 39.

We stayed at the Palace Bonvecciati (which I never failed to mispronounce when asking for directions.) The hotel was modern, clean and comfortable. From the outside it looked like the rest of the buildings, from the inside it was similar to an upscale American hotel. They had breakfast everyday and there were many things to choose from. America serves so much Italian and French style foods that I was very comfortable with the options. Having a hotel that served breakfast was very helpful because the food is expensive there. The Hard Rock Cafe burgers were 16.95 euro which is equivalent to about 20 dollars. But I expect a tourist designated area to have heightened prices. Venice was as lovely as the pictures make it out to be and I hope to visit again next year.

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