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Should you Break Up or Make Up?

break up or make upI don’t know about you guys, but my girlfriends and even I have experienced a major break-up/make-up season. Us 20 somethings seem to be caught in a period of consistent inconsistency while simultaneously trying to figure out who and what we want to be. Most unfortunately, love seems to be no exception. All of our situationships/relationships are unique, but they all boil down to the question of sticking it out or moving forward without him.

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If you’re dealing with some of these conflicting emotions it may be time to move on! 

“I can do better, no seriously… I can.”

In any relationship, when things are not going well we tend to wonder whether there’s someone that can treat us better. Especially, around “that” time of the month. These feelings are not to be confused with genuine feelings of  being over someone. The distinct difference is understanding whether you’re just angry or your overall attitude towards the person is an unshakable resentment and distaste. Don’t get me wrong you may miss the person and care for them, however you know for certain you are better off without them.

If this is your dilemma, take this advice: Move on! If you feel like you can do better, you CAN do better. Again, you know when its over. If you’ve been going back and forth about it for more than 2 months, it’s  definitely time to take that leap of faith and become available for that “something better.”

“I am growing up and you’re still a dumb boy.”

One of the major dramas in 20 something relationships has to be this maturity gap we’re up against. Yea, yea, yea I love you, but you’re stupid. Like literally, stupid. My girlfriends and I always say that guys are at least 3 years behind us when it comes to dealing with anything that makes sense. It’s understandable to work with your guy, if he’s a good guy. It’s not his fault, it’s science. However, this can’t become an excuse for everything.

If you’re turning into a nagging mom, let it go. Taking care of yourself and planning your own life is stress enough, you cannot be responsible for putting his life together as well.

 “I’m ready to be serious and you’re still playing games.”

Who has time for games these days? Life is happening and the show cannot stop for him to realize your potential. Sure, he says all the right things, but everything is always better done, than better said. If you’re putting in all the work of a girlfriend, then why be deprived of having the title and all its perks? Why waste time leading other guys on when you know exactly who you’d rather be with.

If you’ve openly expressed what you ultimately need to be fulfilled and your guy still insists on playing games…break it off. You take yourself serious, right? So, why shouldn’t he? Once you show him that you mean business, he’ll either get it together or take the loss. Either way it’s better than existing in the borders.

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Live, Love, Dream & Write about it!

– Briana



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