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The Best Way to Get Along With Your Roommates

New York City is notorious for its high prices, so most people have a roommate or significant other. Living with someone can be very difficult if you don’t have the conversation about cleanliness & pet peeves upfront and I’ve lived with a roommate since college, so I know the struggle firsthand. College just really puts you in extreme situations, huh? Who thought putting two girls in one room, who have never met and have totally different backgrounds, would be a good idea? Fortunately, my first roommate introduced me to “Coming to Jesus meetings.” What a saint! This is when you call a meeting with your roommate or partner and share with them any and everything that grinds your gears. This had to be some of the best advice I have ever received. We didn’t have any problems with each other after our heart-to-heart conversation. I knew she was very clean, so I respected her side of the room and kept our common areas clean. She also understood I wasn’t a morning person, she wouldn’t play loud music or speak a word to me in the morning. Just like I like it.

My next roommate was my best friend. Many say you can’t room with your bestfriend, because you soon see a side of them that annoys you. Those people just weren’t doing it right. My bestfriend and I would have conflicts about the kitchen staying clean. I find this being the most common cause of arguments in most rooming situations. We called a meeting and talked out our differences. We came to the conclusion that washing our own dishes was best. Unless, one cooked for the both of us then the other would do the dishes.

I knew living with all new people in New York City wouldn’t be any different. So, I chose to call the “Coming to Jesus” meeting early on. New York is ever fast-paced and it’s very easy to forget to do your domestic duties. My current roommates and I discussed our pet peeves and how we would take care of the kitchen, trash, and bathroom in rotation. I posted a dry erase board on our fridge with each chore and who was up to do them. This way everyone could be on the same page, and no one forgets in the hustle and bustle of NYC.

After all this is said and done the only way it will work is if there’s respect. Whatever your roommate tells you in the meeting respect it and do your part. You will live happier, I promise. 

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