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Beauty Youtubers for Every Brown Girl

Since the beginning of the new year I have really gotten interested in the make up world. From Colourpop to Tarte to L.A. Girl, I have fallen in love with this universe of artists. Following each of these cosmetic brands on Instagram wasn’t enough for me so I decided to transfer my love to Youtube. Yes, Youtube, the site with no shortage of beauty vloggers.

When first looking for beauty Youtubers to watch I always came across fair-skinned girls with large followings, and that was nice at first but I really wanted more. I wanted girls who look like me that actually gave instructions while applying their makeup, so I wouldn’t feel lost by the end of the video. Luckily, I found them. So here are my top five Beauty Youtubers:

1. Aliyah Jay


Aaliyah Jay is easily one of my favorites. With an adorable yet feisty New York accent, she applies her makeup with ease and is super funny throughout her videos. Two of the things that I love about Ms. Aaliyah Jay is that she’s very open and transparent with her subscribers (for example, she vlogged her breast augmentation journey); I also love that she doesn’t make just makeup tutorials. She takes the time out her day to film regular vlogs and have story times (one of which was about how she met the side chick and it’s sooooo funny). 10/10 I definitely recommend her!

2. ItsBrittxoxoxo

I first found ItsBrittxoxoxo on Instagram from a repost and I instantly fell in love with how flawless her eyeshadow looked. Eyeshadow has always been something I was interested in but never knew how to apply without looking a mess. Now, thanks to Brittney, my eyeshadow can look just as amazing as hers does!

3. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a literal ray of sunshine (pun intended). She’s a bit different from the other ladies on this list, as she is from the UK, which to me, makes her videos a teensy bit more interesting. However, one of the main things I love about her videos aside from her accent, is the fact that she’s just as talkative as I am. The first time I watched her videos, I couldn’t help but laugh with her and keep smiling. As Patricia applies her makeup she gives clear and helpful instructions that can assist any beginner!

4. ItsMyRayeRaye

I first stumbled across ItsMyRayeRaye after hearing about her collaboration with Colourpop. She created two colors (StingRAYE and RAYEzor) and three other great products. Raye Raye’s Youtube channel consists of make up tutorials, skincare videos, and fun videos like photo editing help and haul videos. Raye Raye’s cheerfulness and the bright colors she uses makes her videos super inviting.

5. StylebySummer

Last but not least, Style by Summer is a fairly new beauty vlogger and certainly one that everyone should keep an eye on. I heard about Summer after seeing her retweeted on @MakeupforWOC. After seeing a snippet of her latest video I quickly went to her Twitter page and found out that she’s the same age as me. It made me smile to know that there are black girls my age out here making big moves and showing off their skills. She recently did a Zendaya inspired video that got recognized and retweeted by Zendaya herself. Go Summer!

I hope that everyone, whether already subscribed or not, will love these girls just as much as I do and learns from them just as much as I have!

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