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5 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Quick Beauty Tips for Every Girl

For the make-up guru to the mascara and lip gloss kind of girl, here are some beauty tips we can all use!

1. Clean your brushes.

Here’s an easy DIY by Ali from GimmeSomeOven!

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

  • Pour a small amount of the Castile Soap into a bowl (A little goes a long way here!)
  • Rub your brush into the soap and create a lather in the bowl
  • Gently massage the bristles of your brush to loosen the make-up and the dirt
  • Rinse your brush under water until all the soap is completely out and the water runs clear
  • Use a clean towel and pat the bristles to remove excess water
  • Fluff the bristles to help them regain their original shape
  • That’s it!

See a picture guide on Ali’s original post here.

2. No need to bronze your entire face.

Use this photo guideline by Paris from MyWomenStuff to see exactly where to apply your bronzer!

Paris even tells you where not to apply bronzer:

  1. No bronzer in the area between the irises of the eyes. Just looking at the irises of your own eyes, keep the area in between a bronzer free zone. This should instead be used as a highlight area which can give an illusion of a narrower face.
  2. Measuring from the tops of your ears to your nose, no bronzer above that imaginary line.The area above would be your natural cheekbones which would be reserved for blush and highlighter. Going above it with bronzer can throw off the line of the eye.
  3. No bronzer under your nose. Going too low with your bronzer, just like blush, can pull down your face visually and make you look older. This applies mostly for the cheek bronzer application. The area to shade would be just a small triangle under your cheekbones, just above the line of your nose.
  4. Bronzing on temples on side of brow bone to the hair line. Don’t take it too far inwards (Remember Item #1)

See the original post for more tips here.

3. Don’t sleep in your make-up.

Kristen Marr of Live Simply gives you 3 natural ways to remove your make-up, my favorite thing to use is coconut oil.

Here are Kristen’s instructions for coconut oil make-up removal:

To use coconut or olive oil to remove makeup, apply a small amount of oil to a cotton ball or facial pad, and then gently wipe the face with the oil-moistened pad. Once your makeup has been removed, wash your face with a cleanser.

4. Use a base coat for nail polish.

An at home mani/pedi is a great way to pamper yourself and save money, but let’s make sure you do it the right way to ensure you get at least a week’s worth of your effort. Follow this DIY Joy guide for a perfect manicure:

5.  Avoid coats and coats of foundation.

No one likes caked on make-up especially when the weather is 80 and above! Check out these make up switches for the summer by LC!

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