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Are You Satisfied with Being Content?

Should you be Satisfied with Being Content?

The year has literally flown by. Day in and day out the art of time management and incorporating new changes into my life has been an amazing journey thus far. Adrenaline has been pumping non-stop in order to continue to build and grow from the inside out. Eventually, the adrenaline slowly comes to a constant flow and I am satisfied.

Normally when people say they are satisfied, it can be translated as a positive outlook on the situation at hand. When you are satisfied, you are content or pleased with a person, place or even thing. If nothing were to change, you would be just fine. Which makes me ask: if your life were to remain the same, would you be fine with being mediocre?

When has good ever been good enough. Being content has never been an option in my mind and it will not start here. If you are wanting to seek change or be the change, you have to learn how to not be satisfied. In this amazing self-inspiring book entitled Awakening the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, it spoke on being a self motivator when creating change in your life. Now some people may read this book or any motivational work and think they are cured. In reality, it takes time, patience and the ability to not be satisfied with being content.

Without rambling on and on with the message, I wanted to point out three key points that I took away from his book:

Raise Your Standards. Unlike most of my shoes, my standards for my personal and professional goals are pretty high but this didn’t happen over night. I had to tell myself what I wanted in life and what would I not tolerate any longer.

Change your Limiting Beliefs. You would think this deals with your religion but it is in fact much deeper. The only person that has the possibility of prevailing or failing is YOU. If you believe in yourself, no one else can hold you back.

Change your Strategy. When the going gets tough but the tough ain’t going, change your approach. No one ever succeeded by trying something just once. The way that you had planned didn’t work, then it’s back to the drawing board.

To sum it all up, it’s time to be your own biggest cheerleader and stop being satisfied with being content. When you going through change, you have to learn how to be uncomfortable. Step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself. Don’t let any one (not even yourself) hold you back from what is possible. Follow your path with a purpose and watch your future unfold.

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