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We created The Girl Spot over shared experiences of girlhood; from waning self-confidence to body image dilemmas and the always-difficult task of fitting in. Budding into our own sense of womanhood, we’ve recognized that a large part of who we’ve become can be attributed to the relationships we’ve shared with other girls and women throughout our lives.

We felt compelled to build a community that would essentially be a safe-place for women to connect and share their experiences/interactions with life, free of judgment and open to advice. Our brand brings those everyday, real-life friendships to an online community that extends its support to women and girls everywhere. We believe these positive relationships between women are vital to becoming motivated, positive and productive.

Those same experiences were the motivating forces that led to founding “A Girlfriend’s Gift”. The purpose of “A Girlfriend’s Gift” is to provide motivating role models for pre-teen and teenage girls that otherwise lack positive guidance from women. We believe the best gift a girlfriend can give is to share her experience with someone going through similar life circumstances. Self-confidence is one of the hardest attributes to attain and as women who have, and still do, struggle with self-love we want nothing more than to empower young women experiencing similar or more complex trials. Self-love is a life-long process and it is our aim to educate young women on how to start and maintain this process. With so many negative influences vying for the attention of our young girls, it is our goal to counter those with meaningful outlets for girls to connect, share and motivate. “A Girlfriend’s Gift” is a charity organization under The Girl Spot Brand that provides positive outlets through mentorship, counseling, fund-raising and more. We organize and facilitate small events geared toward confidence building, self-love and cultivating positive relationships. Our mentorship also extends itself to teaching the young women marketable traits through Microsoft Office workshops, resume building, college application assistance and more.

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