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The Girl Spot is an online community of women built to connect and inspire. We seek out women on a mission whether in business, fashion, art, philanthropy, or entertainment to spotlight their talents and ambitions while connecting them with a community of like-minded women.

The Girl Spot was created over shared experiences of girlhood; from waning self-confidence to body image dilemmas and the always-difficult task of fitting in. Budding into our own sense of womanhood, we’ve recognized that a large part of who we’ve become can be attributed to the relationships we’ve shared with other girls and women throughout our lives.

We felt compelled to build a community that would essentially be a safe-place for women to connect and share their experiences/interactions with life, free of judgment and open to advice. Our brand brings those everyday, real-life friendships to an online community that extends its support to women and girls everywhere. We believe these positive relationships between women are vital to becoming motivated, positive and productive.

We invite women, some who have blogs and others that have never written before, to openly share their raw experiences/stories to bridge the gap between women. We believe life is better when we live it together.

If you’re interested in partnering or collaborating on an upcoming project use the form below!