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A 20-Somethings Salvation: EF College Break

EF College Break Your SalvationĀ 

I heard about EF College Break a few times while I was in school and for some completely sad reason, I never actually looked into it. While college is the perfect time to travel and spend money unwisely, for us post-grads all hope is not lost!

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At this mystifying age of 22, the axis between youthful freedom and impending adulthood, it seems like it’s so hard to have guilt-free fun. Not to worry though, EF College Break just may be our salvation. With trips as low as $2,000 for 10 days, I think I may have died and gone to heaven. Typically, the plan ticket alone will bring you to almost $1,000 when traveling outside the US.

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EF College Break makes mind-blowing trips possible for 18-26-ers. They understand that we’re not rich…yet! But we still want to explore the world and gain some influence from places outside of our TV screens and social networks.

ef college break

If you’re in college, this is the perfect way to plan your Spring break or summer vacation. And for those of us that now wish we were still in college, at least we can vacation like it! Book your next trip with EF College Break, you definitely won’t regret it.

Briana Myrie

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