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12 Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

My boyfriend and I actually forgot what we did last Valentine’s Day, shocker? It was our 4th Valentine’s day together and for the life of us we couldn’t remember. We chocked it up that we must’ve just had dinner and a movie. Sad, sad, sad. 

This year we HAVE to shake off the ordinary….no more chocolates, roses and dinner. When you’ve been together for a while Valentine’s Day is still important, but it can get boring if you’re not thinking outside of the box. So this year have a date that you’ll actually remember. Surprise your beau with an adventure this Valentine’s Day or forward this post to him and see how creative he gets.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas:

Drunk History Tour

Take a couple of shots and go on a historical tour of your city. If you live in Atlanta this could be really fun, because there are a ton of historical sites around the city. You could even take a cruise around the beltline for a daytime date. You’ll learn some new things and you can tape your own episode of “Drunk History” while you’re at it.


Jumping from planes is on trend right now with celebs like Chanel Iman doing it, you’ve got to cross it off your bucket list. Scared you may die (like me)? Try a skydiving simulator, it’s just as fun!

Hiking/Mountain Biking

The great open outdoors is the most beautiful backdrop to a romantic rendezvous. If you live less than 3 hours from any mountains you have no excuse! Get out there and explore with your Valentine, you’ll definitely make some memories that’ll last a lifetime. If you’re not close to any mountains, dirt-biking or four-wheeling is another fun exhilarating activity.

Visit an Alternate Community

Try out an Amish lifestyle for the day, a hippie community or go modern with a place like Serenbe. A quick Google search of alternative communities in your area could lead to a wild adventure.


Double-Triple or Quadruple-date with your couple friends and go paint-balling. Spend the day shooting each other up then kiss each others bruises later.

Take a New Class

Salsa, ballroom or hip-hop dance classes will be hilarious to take with your love. The jokes will certainly go on for months after Valentine’s Day, but at least its another good story to add to your archive.

Gun Range

I’ve never used a gun before so, going to a gun range would be really fun for me. Even if you do have some gun experience, going with your sweetheart will add some spice to the experience.

Scavenger Hunt

Got this idea from a psycho-path(Gone Girl), but it’s a good idea nonetheless. Drop little love notes with catchy hints on them to lead up to the big surprise. For Scavenger Hunt Tips click here.


Oh, what the heck? You only live once and you’re in love, so why not? Haha! P.S. Only do this if it’s actually feasible.

Last Minute Road Trip

Not ready to elope, take it slow with a day trip to the beach.

Theater Performance

Into the arts? Or maybe you aren’t, which is even more reason to go. You can find local theater performances or major ones in your area. If you’re used to plays, try a dance performance or go really different with an opera show.

Game Night

Know some couple friends in need of fun? Plan a couples game nights with aphrodisiacs and wine. The small setting of a game night offers the right amount of fun and intimacy.

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