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5 Tricks for a Bump-Free Bikini Area


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We know…it’s Spring Break and summer isn’t that far off either. If your agenda is anything thing like ours the next few months will be bikini and daisy dukes laden. The last thing any of us want to fret about are hair bumps, blackheads and ingrown hairs! Below are 5 fool-proof tricks to keep your bikini zone nice and smooth:

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To Prevent

1. Shave every other day at the most!

I understand that being hair-free is imperative for some, but in order to maintain a bump-free zone you have to resist the urge to shave everyday. The longer you wait the closer and smoother the shave will be. Shaving everyday irritates the skin and makes old bumps even worse! Every three days is a good medium, because the hair has a little length.

2.  Shave with the grain!

Trust me I know it’s must easier to go against the grain and it may seem like the shave is closer, but this is a definite way to irritate/cut your skin and cause razor bumps. Take the scenic route (lol) and shave with the grain. I know it will take longer, but I guarantee the shave will be smoother. Plus, your hairs won’t grow in as a rough and if you like to wax, this makes it much easier!

3.  Exfoliate!

Gently exfoliate the area on the days that you don’t shave to get rid of dead skin and other particles that may clog the skin or get in the way of your smooth shave. Exfoliating will not only prevent razor bumps, but it also makes your skin down there 10x softer! You can use an exfoliating scrub or you can opt for a exfoliating sponge from Wal-Mart or Target that you pair with your regular body soap. (The exfoliating sponge is amazing! FYI)

To Treat

1. Aloe Vera or Topical Treatment

So apparently, Aloe Vera can cure everything and that includes your razor bumps. If you already have razor bumps that need treating, Aloe Vera is a smooth cooling gel that will treat and smooth out the skin. Acne medication such as Retin-A has been proven to kill the inflammation of the razor bumps, but it’s not to hot for smooth the skin. I would pair the topical ointment with Aloe Vera to get a better solution.

2.  DIY: Tea and Coconut Oil

If you’re more of a natural or “do it yourself” type of gal, then this solution will be your best bet. Steep a bag of black tea, once hot drain the tea over 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. At a comfortable temperature apply the mixture to the inflames areas. The warm tea will combat your redness, while the coconut oil smoothes your skin.


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