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5 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

Being Pregnant: The Minor Details

Announcing a new baby seems to put everyone in a weird haze of excitement and optimism, which on the one hand is really awesome (you get to be the center of attention for months)! On the flip side, because everyone’s in this cloud of adornment they fail to prepare you for some of the oddities that come along with being pregnant. (Note: There’s no shortage of advice. People are always bombarding you with advice both terrifying and helpful, there are just a few things no one told me about.)

1.You don’t get as many ultrasounds as you think.

Maybe I was just naive, but from the outside looking in it seemed as though moms-to-be got ultrasounds every appointment. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong and disappointed. Throughout my entire pregnancy I only had 2 ultrasounds.

As I’ve been told, normal pregnancies only require 2 routine ultrasounds. If there are abnormalities or complications then more ultrasounds are necessary.

2. You CAN work out.

Old-timers will tell you to lay in bed, eat your heart out and let others serve you for nine months, but that wasn’t natural for me. Even being nine months, I still keep a regular schedule of activities. Being active and so independent to a fault, I had to do my research on the true pregnant capabilities.

You can indeed exercise. Women, since the beginning of time, walked miles and miles, harvested crops, lifted children and you name it. They couldn’t afford to take 9 nine months off. So, if you’re looking to work out while pregnant then stick to your regular routine. Do exercises your body is already familiar with, pregnancy is not the time to try out some new high intensity regimen.

3. Personal space no longer exists.

Strangers will think it’s perfectly okay to touch you. It’s like you’re not even there. People see the bump and they’re all over you before you have the chance to smile or give a scowl. It’s not until after their hands are glued to your belly that they ask “do you like people touching?” *Eye Roll*

But non-strangers are just as guilty, and they don’t even try to be polite. Literally, friends and family will share full conversations while simultaneously pressing hands and their faces to your stomach. P.S. I’m still a person, that enjoys personal space.

4. It’s soooooo restricting.

Everyone always harps on how wonderful and joyful being pregnant is. But on a daily basis all you hear is,

  • “No, don’t do that!”
  • “Let me get that.”
  • “You shouldn’t be doing that!”
  • “Put that down!”
  • “Don’t eat that!”
  • “You better not be doing…”
  • “Stop!”

You literally have to sit off on the sidelines, while you’re patronized about how pregnancy is more fun than anything everyone else is doing.

5. You can function even at full-term.

Once again in my naivety, I assumed that at some point I wouldn’t be able to walk and would ultimately be restricted to my bed. However, with only one week left I’m still going strong. I hate sitting in the house and have kept up most of my activities. (I did stop working, but social outings like church, girl time, etc. I still partake in.) As I’ve heard some women work all the way up to their due date.

It’s really all up to you and how you feel. Listening to our bodies is important!

Overall, pregnancy is a fun experience. Changes happen everyday and you’ll keep being surprised. Maybe there are some things you learned while being pregnant that no one told you, share them below!


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