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20 Million New STI Cases a Year, Does it Really Matter?

Here’s Why You Should Take STI Screening Serious…

One out of every 208 Americans has been diagnosed with chlamydia. To put that another way, 1.52 million people across the nation suffer from this potentially lethal sexually transmitted infection (STI), while gonorrhea affects one out of every 806 Americans, which equates to almost 400,000 people.

Every year in the USA, 20 million new STI cases are diagnosed. Half of these are found in people between the ages of 15 and 24. When you consider that there are almost certainly many more cases that haven’t been diagnosed, we’re talking about at least 10 million adolescents and young adults in America who are living with STIs which could develop into serious health complications.

The obvious remedy to this is not to have unprotected sex, but the problem is far from that simplistic. For many, this remedial action may be much too late, and the only way of eliminating any doubt as to the presence of an STI is to go for screening. Whatever the result of the screening, you will be better off either way. If it comes back negative, you can be relieved that you don’t have an STI. If one is detected, it’s likely that you have plenty of time to act on it so that it is eradicated instead of being left to develop unbeknownst to you.

Who should get screened for STIs? Simple answer – everyone. Even if you have never had sex in your life, an STI could have been passed to you by meagre skin-on-skin contact. If you’re starting a new sexual relationship, or if you have had multiple sexual partners, screening becomes even more essential. If there’s any doubt in your mind whatsoever that you might have an STI, don’t leave yourself wondering. Get screened as soon as you can.

Here’s an infographic from Union Quay Medical Centre in Ireland which contains further details on why STI screening is not an option but a necessity:

This post was shared with us from Maria O’Driscell at the Union Quay Medical Centre in Ireland. Visit her website here: Union Quay.

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