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15 Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching 2017

As someone who crams an obnoxious amount of stream-V (I wanted to try a smash-up of streaming and TV and that’s what I came up with, let’s see if it catches on) into my limited free time, I could have a PhD in original streaming content! This year I have kept myself busy with shows from various genres via the “big three” Hulu, Netflix & HBOGo. – Lynise C.

And as someone who equally fills countless hours with irresistible streaming content, we’ve decided to combine our genius (if you can call it that) to bring you our top picks for binge-watching. – Briana M.

Here’s what you should be binge-watching right now:

1. The Path – (Hulu)

One of my favorites, and a bit of a slow burner, is The Path, on Hulu. Currently in its second season, The Path features two familiar faces from the small screen (Hugh Dancy from Hannibal & Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad) leading the viewer into the world of a cult….yup a cult. There’s something to be said about a scripted show that tackles the day-in/day-out operations of a cult. The show relies on nuanced moments and deliberate dialog, which is why I call it a “slow burner”. Season one sets us up with the character dynamics and introduces us to Meyerism and season two uncovers characters and reveals the dark side of “the light”(see what I just did right there). Due to it being slower-paced this show is perfect if you are looking to binge whilst folding laundry or prepping your veggies for dinner, but remember the devil is in the details and you don’t want to miss them in this show. – L.C.

2. The Get Down – (Netflix)

I love The Get Down for so many reasons. First, the historical value. It schools you on everything from the music to politics and race relations. Whoever has the role of fact-checker for this show is soooooo on point. Shouts out to history!! Second, is style. Fashion is one thing, but the artistry dedicated to each shot is just perfection. Third is the characters/writing. I LIVE for these representations of black people. They aren’t all good, but they show just how complicated and multi-layered each person is. The biggest thing is the respect that these men of color show each other. Every time it seems a situation is getting really bad, reverence is shown and brotherhood is understood. – B.M

3. Shut Eye – (Hulu)

Another recent Hulu gem is Shut Eye. Wa wa wee wa is this an intriguing show! If you like a little magical-realism in your stream-V shows then look no further than Shut Eye. The show centers around a magician by trade (Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice), who works for a syndicate of Gypsies (their words not mine) in the LA fortune teller business…yeah you read that correctly a magician… working for a syndicate Gypsy network…in 2016/7. And it’s got all the goods: a little magic, a lotta family drama, a look behind the magician’s curtain and a hearty dose of history and secrets! The action is just enough to leave you with your mouth open and the drama is juicy enough to make you think you’re watching a day-time soap opera. So, if you are looking for the perfect show to get lost in on a rainy Saturday indoors this spring get you a bottle of wine (maybe a bourbon on ice), open your streaming device, press the little green and white H, go to Hulu Originals and prepare to order Chinese take-out because you won’t be leaving the house for more hours that you’ll care to admit out loud. – L.C.

4. Grace and Frankie – (Netflix)

Probably one of the best onscreen displays of friendship ever. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, ex-enemies turned roommates, are on an uphill journey of self-discovery at the fun age of 70. If you want to laugh your ass off, watch this. If you want to contemplate real life questions, watch this. If you want to almost cry (or actually cry like I did *twice*), watch this. This show is an incredible display of how deep love really goes. It makes evident that love is truly beyond sex and gender. True love is friendship. And I’ve got good news…the 4th season is already promised so no need to fret once you’ve reached the end of season 3 (it’ll happen so quickly).  – B.M.

5. Crashing – (HBO)

One of my favorite networks in terms of scripted shows has always been HBO. That network has had so many grade-A, well-written shows that it was hard to even come up with an intro because there are too many greats to name! But while everyone is going to hype you up about the newer dramas like West World (which I am not much of a fan of) and Girls (wich I liked but I am happier that it is officially over) I am going to direct you to the comedy side of their laundry list of great series. If you are a fan of stand-up comedians then you are going to lol every episode of Crashing. This show is the dream of all up and coming stand-up comedians (similarly to what SITC was to all aspiring fashion writers), complete with a cameo every episode from some of the biggest-yet-obscure names in comedy, this show will not fail to make you laugh (even if only at how painfully awkward the painfully awkward moments are). Though I wouldn’t call it binge-worthy Crashing will become that show that you seek out when you are getting ready for work or right before bed, because you don’t have to be invested for hours to really enjoy the ride. – L.C. 

6. Little Big Lies – (HBO)

I don’t know where to start with this one. First, I watched it all in one day. Then, immediately downloaded the show’s Spotify playlist and preceded to Google all of Celeste’s home decor. Yea, so clearly this show was IT for me. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley are a dream team in this one. Set in Monterey, California what starts as a petty drama between working moms vs. stay-at-moms turns into a whole different scenario with detective investigations, affairs and murder. Oh, and just wait until the ending…you’ll want to watch it all over again (at least I did). – B.M.

7. Silicon Valley – (HBO)

My favorite show in all of stream-V (well of course aside from GoT…but really do people need to say that) is Silicon Valley! I love this show and I am happy to announce that season 4 just started and is just as hilarious as its 3 predecessors. Silicon Valley lives between awkward tech-geekyness and frattyness… it’s a strange combination, but once you see the show you’ll get why it works. There’s more multi-billionaires, future technology and tech pop-culture references that you’ll forget the show is a total work of fiction, because it is so brilliantly art imitating life. Does it hurt that there is also something awesome about a show centering around smart dudes that is not all about their awkwardness with women? Nope. Not at all. This is not some cheesy laugh-tracked show about nerdy dudes who can’t get laid, telling jokes involving the hard sciences. This is a laugh inducing show about the not at all glammy, yet obscenely wealthly tech world and it is just great. Not to mention EVERY SINGLE EPISODE ends with a song that I want to immediately add to my Spotify library, (similarly to True Blood, seriously my Spotify library has almost all seven seasons worth of end of TB episode jams). – L.C.

8. Cable Girls (Las chicas de cable) – Netflix

Netflix is an unending cavern of shows for your every mood, but still there are times when I find myself with “nothing to watch.” This is exactly what led me to Cable Girls.  The show is originally a Spanish series, so the English voiceover does get in the way of some of the acting, but it doesn’t lessen the message. The drama features four very different women breaking into the workforce during the 1920s as phone operators. These women fight for respect and demand to be heard whether their pursuit is love, independence or robbing men blind. This is definitely a show to watch in those late hours when you’re trying to unwind your brain and relax. – B.M.

9. Greenleaf (Netflix)

I can’t lie, it took me a while to get into Greenleaf. I wasn’t ready for another show that represented what in my opinion is negative aspects of the black church and family. Two episodes in and all of my notions were disproved. While the show does remind you of the dirty secrets that pass through generations and church walls, the focus becomes so much more than that. Familiar faces like Lynn Whitfield and Keith David taking on new roles (i.e. Keith David not being evil and menacing) makes this show even more interesting to watch. – B.M.

10. Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)

Amazon shows haven’t drawn me in much, but this one is an exception and for good reason. As an ex-orchestra member, I appreciate how they give orchestra a sexy new spin. Rodrigo, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, will keep your head spinning while co-star Hailey, the orchestra’s newest member played by Lola Kirk, has the cute awkwardness that is perfect for a comedic drama. And the best part….there are already 4 seasons, so you can watch for weeks or days, depending on the type of binger you are!! – B.M.

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