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1 Day Until Due Date! What do I do??

With only 1 day left until my due date, things are feeling a little too calm.

I was ready. 2 weeks ago, I was ready. I thought I’d be like the women I know that recently had babies. They all gave birth a week or two weeks prior to their due date. Whenever someone tells me they did go into labor on their due date it seems like an anomaly.

Finding out that he was in the head down position about two weeks ago definitely had me believing he was ready to evacuate. So naturally, I thought that by now my water would’ve broken in the middle of the night and I would be in recovery with a little newborn in my care. Well now, with only one day before my due date I’m starting to see that baby’s work on their own schedule.

How I feel:

Perfectly normal. Well, normal for a pregnant woman. The typical aches. Uncomfortable sleeping from the pressure on my sides and overall just being large and uncoordinated.

With my excitement building, I searched several forums to find out if anything in particular would happen right before labor starts. It is no exaggeration that every pregnancy is unique to the mother-to-be. I found hardly any consistencies and have just rested with the fact labor will come and there is no instruction manual to rely on (pretty difficult for me since I’m a rule follower).

I rejoiced thus far that my pregnancy wasn’t a dramatic one. No morning sickness, no aversions to certain foods. I was especially grateful that I’ve been able to keep up most of my normal activities. Now with one day to go, this relaxed process is starting to make me incredibly anxious. I’m begging for something, anything to happen.

Please come by tomorrow and no later!

-Briana M.

Briana Myrie

Co-Founder & Content Editor Hippie at heart, lover of love.

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